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What’s Right With Performance Management?

Most organizations have a performance management and appraisal systems that are well researched, designed and implemented. The research carried out by an Australian University Researcher shows that most staff do not like going through the process and managers dislike carrying out the process.

Why is it then that organizations insist on devoting so much time to this function if both staff and managers dislike the process so much? After all, it is a time consuming task and tends to upset relationships between managers and staff that generally throughout the year have been good. In some organizations it is true that the annual review is the only time that a manager sits down with a staff member and discusses their performance.

The day-to-day feedback given to staff by their manager throughout the year is often the best way to recognize performance. Perhaps it is the fact that pay is inextricably linked to performance and everyone wants a pay increase each year.

However it is a fact that performance management is one of the most disliked processes that staff and managers carry out in the workplace. So what can be done to improve the whole process? There has to be a better way! If you would like to discuss this further please contact: