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The Aging Workforce

Baby boomers parents almost without exception retired at age 60 and most actually stopped work completely. With the retirement age at 65 and the possibility of this going out to 67 in the next few years, a number of businesses are looking at older workers to fill important customer roles. In a recent visit to a major hardware chain in Otago it was very noticeable that most of the workers appeared to be 60+ and when asked for help were very obliging and were knowledgeable of products within the store.

For many of retiring age it is not just the money that brings them to work but the interaction with customers, contribution they can make and a big plus is greater flexibility of hours they have to work. It is not a 40 hour week anymore for these workers but reduced hours/part time work. Many do not want to stop work completely and part time work adds to the benefit of continuing working past 65. Will we see more of this occurring over the next few years? I think so.