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Human Resource & Change Management Consultants New Zealand

The 10 Commandments of Life (and Business)

  • It is attitude, not aptitude that determines altitude.
  • The purpose of existence is not to make a living but to make a life.
  • A negative thought is a down payment on an obligation to fail.
  • You will seldom experience regret for anything that you have done.
  • It is what you don’t do that will torment you.
  • Complaining is the refuge of those that have no self reliance.
  • The ultimate cost of something is the amount of life that you are prepared to exchange for it.
  • Youth is not a time of life but a state of mind. Wrinkles test the skin, not the soul.
  • People who have not set a worthwhile purpose in life are easy prey to anxiety.
  • The worst bankruptcy is the person who has lost enthusiasm.
  • Nobody can make you inferior without your consent.