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Pay Rates in 2018

NZ continues to be in a low inflation environment and this has put the brakes on large salary increases. Over the past 5 years salaries have risen only moderately and in 2018 increases are predicted to be in the 1%-2% range. If you are budgeting for salary increases for your staff in 2018 then 1%-2% looks like a safe bet.  However, don’t forget that high individual performance will also need to be recognised so if you have a high performing team the 1%-2% will not cut it.  Government workers will be constrained by tight budgets and highly skilled workers will be in demand.  Those in the construction and IT industries in particular will demand higher pay and get it.

If you require help with establishing pay rates for your staff or are looking at your company remuneration strategy then contact: or Ph 027 2447076